What I like most about Yarra Group of Companies…


“Complete solution to modern investment without the hassle of chasing admin matters and always delivers the best tax returns, time and time again”


“Diligent, patient and dedicated professionals in a convenient one stop and worry free environment”


“I love Yarra consulting for their one stop shop, they are Customer driven and focused friendly staff Thanks for assisting setting up for retirement”


“The Yarra Consulting Group of Companies provide total and full coverage for all of my requirements and deliver it quickly, professionally and in style”


“Favourite thing is the concept.
Its Yarra Consulting Groups simple to understand solutions for all Australian’s that impact on their financial goals, in helping them to plan and achieve them”


“I think the Yarra Consulting Group is an amazing company that looks after its clientele in a very professional way and is always there to direct, help and consult for a better outcome”


“Confidence, quality support, follow through, delivery. From initial meeting with Jack, loans with Marijana to approving a tenant. Yarra has been seamless and supportive”


“Through the integrated services YCG provide, I feel reassured that all my financial and legal matters are in order and I know that I can call upon Nasser and his team at any time for sound advice regarding future planning and investment opportunities”


“I love Yarra and every one there. Ok that’s a suck up, but honestly, we really like the personal touch you provide. The emails, asking if everything is ok, the tour Kamahl took us on, Sam’s advice even when in hospital, the eBook “The richest man in Babylon.” The little things make a big difference”


“Honesty in dealings is number one. Secondly, Yarra Consulting look for alternatives/options to help me build my future/potential investments”


“I kicked off my portfolio with YVC, they are my goalie to success, saving me from the penalties of tax & I will never be caught offside with you by my side!”


“Sallyann and I have found the people at Yarra Consulting to be our most favourite thing. We have always felt supported in our endeavours”


“For me it’s about having a partner who provides comprehensive support and considered advise for all my financial needs”


“The best thing about Yarra Consulting Group is that everything, or everyone, you need is under one roof. Easy access to information and great advice!!”

Joe and Belinda

“Yarra consulting are amazing because of their expertise in all areas and allowing people to live their dreams financially! We would recommend them to anyone looking for advice or future GOALS!”


“Yarra Consulting Group POSSESS and HARNESS two CRITICAL elements. MARKET KNOWLEDGE. FINANCIAL TELEMETRY. Leveraging these skills they enable Australians to BUILD WEALTH, achieving financial FREEDOM”


“One stop shop, professional, knowledgeable, and concerned for the brand and the client. Clients grow with the brand”

Bjorn and Amanda

“Great company! Informative staff always prepared to assist and respond efficiently to any concerns or issues. Highly recommend!”


“My favourite thing about Yarra group is their umbrella structure with all those experts under one roof”

Bjorn Reed

“Yarra Consulting Group from the start have been honest, upfront, responsive, polite and professional. Because of this I can confidently look forward to the future”